Sony Toio — a set of small robots, which can be called designer of the new generation

Sony has launched on its own platform to raise funds, which is called First Flight, the project Toio. It’s a robotic toy that, rather, is a modern children’s designer.

How it works and what is best understood from the video.

So, Toio — square miniature robots with a pair of wheels and a battery. They come with a Bluetooth adapter through which to communicate with each other and with the control unit.

Variants of interaction of two manual control of each robot separately and special cartridges which mean very specific program behavior of robots.

The battery in the robot is sufficient for approximately two hours. You can also highlight the presence on top of special projections that are compatible with elements of Lego blocks, which greatly enhances the gaming experience Toio.

In addition, complete with robots comes a special surface with a geometric pattern. It serves for orientation of the robots for some actions. In the kit there are paper figures that turn robots a single «mechanism».

Apparently, in the set there is two robots and everything necessary for their work. This kit will cost $ 275.



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