Sony showed a prototype of a fully wireless headphone

During the announcement of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple introduced a fully wireless headphone AirPods. They are, however, very late to market, and the first batch was extremely modest, but it doesn’t matter.

The important thing is that Apple has shown an example to other manufacturers. Yes, her headphones were not the first such product on the market, but they were the first aimed directly at normal use with a smartphone, not a replacement activity trackers. The Network has already appeared rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will also get such headphones, and Sony and is brought to CES 2017 prototype of such a device.

Since this is only a prototype, about the headphones is unknown. But their design indicates that they are aimed at ordinary consumers for everyday use.

You can see that the headphones are small and store is proposed in the charging module. Of the autonomy also did not say anything, as the price level. Sony never said a word about when to expect such headphones. But in this case important is the fact that the company is developing similar headphones. This means that this year we can expect a lot of similar devices from other manufacturers, especially in view of the fact that smartphones, deprived of the usual 3.5 mm Jack, becoming more and more.



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