Sony revived the project Aibo, showing a new robot dog for $1740

Last summer, the CEO of Sony KAZ Hirai (Kaz Hirai) said that the company creates a robot that will be able to grow, forming an emotional bond with the owner.

More recently it became known that Sony will return to the issue of robots, resembling a dog.

And now, Sony has revealed a new development. We are talking about the same device, which is mentioned in the first paragraph, just under the growth means no increase in physical size, and the new skills, habits, commands that can remember your pet as you release updates. The robot will remember that like the owner, to respond to the voice and to constantly learn. Sony claims that each new Aibo is a unique robot that will evolve depending on the environment in which you will get.

Robot got led eyes that can display a different mood. Aibo can recognize people and obstacles, and his body has as many as 22 of the hinge, which make the robot more realistic.

The robot is equipped with a Quad-core processor, built-in modules Wi-Fi and LTE, a set of sensors, gyroscopes, speaker, camera and four microphones. Battery lasts for 2 hours and a full charge takes 3 hours.

The novelty is estimated at 1740 dollars, sales will start January 11, initially only in Japan.



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