Sony PS5 console will appear in 2019 and will receive a separate GPU that is able to provide in the games frequency of 240 fps in 4K resolution

Game console Sony PS4 Pro is present on the market for almost a year. The original version of the PS4 went on sale less than four years ago. Meanwhile, the Network appeared information about the brand-new Sony console.

The source claims that the PS5 (the name allegedly) will appear on the market in 2019. That is a change for the PS4 will come after six years of console sales, one year less than in the case of the transition from PS3 to PS4.

In addition, it talks about some crazy performance. Supposedly the console will be able to provide 240 fps in 4K. Note that in most modern games such a figure is unachievable, none of the existing 3D maps.

If the rumors are true, to provide the kind of performance needs a separate graphics processor. Recall all the modern «big» consoles use a hybrid processor design of AMD, that made consoles a step closer to a normal PC. The transition to a separate CPU and GPU and is largely equalize these different ideologies of the platform.



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