Sony leads the market with VR headsets

This year entered the market several models of VR headsets, which eventually became the most popular. Analysts at Canalys predict that by the end of this year, global shipments of such devices will exceed 2 million, and by 2020 the sales volume will grow to 20 million Note that this number includes only those VR headsets that include their own displays.

The market leader in VR helmets, according to the report, is Sony. Despite the delay in the start of supply, the company managed to implement more than 800,000 of their set.

Results HTC for the year will be about 500 000 put on the market headset, Vive, that too can be considered an excellent result, given the considerable cost of the device. Thus, HTC takes the second place in the segment.

In third with a score of about 400 000 sold headsets is the Oculus. About 300,000 headsets were shipped in greater China. In addition to the global brands then have the strength of a small company of local significance, for example, Deepoon, Idealens, 3Glasses and ANTVR.



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