Sony keeps the most advanced image sensors

Some time ago on the website Imaging Resource published an interview with representatives of the company Sony. Now the material removed from the site, but it can still be found in the Google cache.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the interview concerns the fact that Sony limits the supply of image sensors to outside customers. As you know, Sony develops and manufactures sensors not only for their cameras but also supplies them to other manufacturers, say, Nikon. In interviews it was suggested that the most advanced sensors available only with Sony gives the company the opportunity to use the advantages of proprietary technologies.

Incidentally, with regard to advanced developments, Sony is focusing efforts on three main areas: increasing the resolution, sensitivity and speed sensors.

The company believes priority full frame cameras, but not discounting model APS-C. In this case the manufacturer is confident of the advantages of mirrorless cameras, explaining the commitment of some markets (particularly the USA) SLR cameras conservatism and lack of awareness.

Source: Imaging Resource


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