Sony is working on the technology of wireless energy transfer between consumer devices

Sony is addressing the issue of a new way to use wireless charging. The idea is possible through wireless charging technology to charge one mobile device from another.

More precisely, not only from mobile. Simply put, as a source of energy in this case will not perform a charging station, smartphone, tablet, laptop, fridge, TV or some other device. And if you embed a wireless memory of major appliances and now is not difficult, the opportunity, without any cables to charge one smartphone to another is a really original idea.

However, in the patent, which describes the technology, there is an indication that the mobile device in a given time powered by their own battery, can play the role of transmitter of energy to another device. That is, the source must first connect to a wall outlet.

But while this is still only a patent, so that by the time Sony realizes his idea in the finished devices (if it does), things can change. By the way, it should be noted that this patent is in addition to the patent that Sony has received in 2014, the work on it is already long enough.



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