Sony is credited with the intention in 2017 to begin production of OLED TVs

Efforts LG OLED TV market have moved from a dead point. According to the source, Sony, while using a new display technology only in professional monitors in the coming year will also start producing OLED TVs.

Allegedly, the corresponding closed presentation has already taken place. The General public, the Sony TVs with screens of the OLED can be represented approximately in a month at CES 2017 in early January.

According to preliminary information, the Sony TVs will use OLED panel production LG Display. On the one hand, it’s not too pleased with LG Electronics, where Sony is a competitor in the TV market. On the other hand, orders Sony, LG Display will help to diversify supply, increase the output and reduce the cost of the panels, which eventually will benefit all. However, while LG Display and Sony does not confirm information about the supply of panels.

Source: Forbes



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