Sony has updated the PlayStation VR headset

It is no secret that Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is the best selling gaming headset of virtual reality. This contributes to the relatively low price, and no need for expensive gaming PCs.

Sale PS VR only began a year ago and Sony already decided to upgrade to this device. Cardinal changes should be expected. This is not a new model, just an update.

So, the updated version (CUH-ZVR2) first, will get more thin and flexible cable to connect to the console and the headphone Jack. Secondly, Sony has updated the unit Processor Unit, giving it the HDR support. Earlier, to display the appropriate content on the TV or run the game with HDR support, it was necessary to unplug the unit and Processor Unit to connect the console to the TV directly. With the new unit such manipulation is not necessary.

Regarding the timing of the appearance of the updated headset, data yet, but the cost will not change.



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