Sony gives their smart TVs support Alexa, but only if you use Amazon family Echo

Alexa voice assistant has started the capture of the next segment. Talking about smart TVs. However, not in the sense in which it would be possible to think.

Sony has added to its smart TVs with Android OS support Alexa voice assistant, but not directly, but through intermediaries in the form of family devices Amazon Echo. That is, the TV can be controlled through voice commands assistant Alexa, but only if there is an appropriate device Amazon, paired with the same TV.

This feature is still in beta stage. Now through voice commands, you can turn on or turn off the TV, change the channel using its number or name, change the volume and control playback with streaming services.

List of televisions that have received the support of new features has more than 20 models 2016 and 2017 model year.



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