Sony FES Watch U — second generation of watches made from e-paper

Experimental Sony FES watch, which debuted in 2014 and placed on the market in late 2015, can get a successor. On its own platform First Flight, the Japanese manufacturer has launched a campaign to raise funds for the release of a new version unique hours.

The new device is called the FES Watch U and offers all the same as its predecessor, but improved and more varied. In particular, users will be offered 12 design options that look more interesting than the previous device. Moreover, subsequently, the company intends to release a new.

The campaign will end on the 7th of October, after which the clock should go to the local market. Most likely, as in the case with the current generation, outside of Japan, the device, unfortunately, will not fall. Although, considering the minimum price is 490 dollars, maybe it’s for the best.



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