Sony called one of the suppliers of batteries for smartphones Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung SDI, which produces batteries for many smartphones Samsung will not be the sole supplier of batteries for the next flagship model. The source reports that supply batteries for Samsung Galaxy S8 will be Sony.

These details sound a bit strange, considering that in the summer of last year, Sony agreed to sell an appropriate course of business to another Japanese company Murata Group. The transaction is expected before the end of the current fiscal year, which in Japan ends on March 31.

Meanwhile, some time ago there appeared information that Murata Manufacturing will supply batteries for Samsung Galaxy S8.

Explanation of situation can come up quite a lot. Perhaps Sony will supply batteries to complete the transaction. Maybe Sony will keep part of the unit. May sold the division will continue to use the brand Sony. Anyway, the source calls the third Sony (along with Samsung SDI and Murata) a battery manufacturer, received orders for batteries for Samsung Galaxy S8.

Source: WSJ


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