Sonos calls One of the best smart sound system for music lovers

Company Sonos has introduced its first smart speaker system with concise name One. New out of the box works with Amazon Alexa, and next year should appear and support Google Assistant.

According to the manufacturer, One is the first smart speakers for music lovers. That is, the device first sends a speaker system, and only the second this speaker system is smart.

In absentia to judge the quality of sound is simply impossible, but we know that inside has one woofer, one tweeter and two amplifier class d Also has an array of six microphones. The dimensions of the device are 161 x 120 x 120 mm and weight of 1.85 kg.

An interesting feature is the possibility to control through One’s playing on other audio systems Sonos. Of course, you can control how voice and by application.

Buy Sonos One will be October 24. Interestingly, the novelty is worth less than Apple or Google HomePod Home Max: $ 200.



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