Sometimes they come back: the drone Lily Next-Gen has received the support of 4K resolution

In may 2015, was presented to Lily quadcopter with camera that follows its owner, never losing it from sight, while taking photos or recording video in resolution up to 1080p.

The team has raised over 34 million dollars, the Lily was supposed to arrive in early 2016 at a price of $899. In January 2017 the founders published an appeal to all the fans, promising to return all the money which was not enough to begin full-scale production.

In the end, the Lily brand was bought by the company Mota, who presented the UAV Lily Next-Gen. Externally, the drone looks exactly like the original model, however, the novelty has lost some functionality. For example, the drone can’t just throw up, he began flying. In addition, the body Lily Next-Gen is not waterproof.

The biggest innovation was the ability to record videos in 4K resolution and take off at the touch of a button.

Retail price will be $ 699, but for the first few days will operate a promotional price of $ 499.



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