Some owners of the Apple Watch Series 3 with the LTE modem has faced problems, but the problem is widespread

Some owners of smart hours Apple Watch Series 3 in the United States report that they are faced with problemai upon activation of their gadgets. We are talking about the version equipped with LTE modem.

It is reported that the detection clock wireless Wi-Fi network, they can spontaneously disconnect from the mobile network operator. Especially frustrating that the connection may terminate any access point Wi-Fi, even one to which the owner of an Apple Watch Series 3 has not previously been connected and plans to use it.

In addition, users of AT&T and T-Mobile have reported breakages in calls about problems with voice launch of personal assistant Siri.

Apple representatives have recognized the existence of problems and promised to release an update in the shortest possible time. Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said that the problem is not widespread. In particular, he has no problem when using the Apple Watch Series 3 does not occur.



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