Some new laptops Apple MacBook Pro tend to exaggerate their capabilities

Yesterday, we learned that some users of the new laptops Apple MacBook Pro complain of problems with one of the gestures that are supported by macOS. The source reports that with the news of copertina is another problem, but it can be called a feature, since in fact no one interferes.

The fact that some users of MacBook Pro models have an integrated GPU and noticed that the operating system indicates the presence of more productive than is actually the GPU.

In particular, in the section device information (System Information) you can find an indication for the presence of GPU Iris Pro 580, whereas in fact the processor — integrated HD Graphics 530. In this case the core Iris Pro 580 is not used in any of the CPU available for the Apple news.

Apple commented on the feature saying that it is a consequence of communication problems between the development team responsible for section of System Information, and a team working on hardware. The timing of correcting the problem the manufacturer has omitted.



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