Some MSI motherboards will be sold with installed Intel SSD Optane

A month ago Intel introduced the SSD Optane for PC. Recall, these SSD based on new memory 3D XPoint.

However, unlike server-based solutions, consumer SSD Optane very small 16 and 32 GB. And use Intel as the caching storage.

MSI has decided to include such drives in the set some of their motherboards. Model Z270 Tomahawk Opt Boost B250M Bazooka Opt B250M Boost and Boost Pro Opt had received a pre-installed SSD capacity of 16 GB. In General, it is already sold model Z270 Tomahawk, B250M and B250M Pro, only installed drive.

Given the use of the word «free» in the press release, MSI will probably be to sell the updated motherboard for the price of existing versions.



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