Some iPhone owners have reported 7 incorrect operation wired headset EarPods with Lightning connector

We will remind, the new smartphone iPhone 7 lost standard 3.5 mm headphone Jack. Now the user is prompted to use the new wired headset EarPods with a Lightning connector wireless headphones or standard headphones with a 3.5 connector with the adapter.

As Business Insider reports, some users, including the author, have problems in the new wired EarPods Lightning connector. In particular, we are talking about what unit is the volume control stops working as a result, you are also unable to answer the call or give Siri a command.

No regularity in the appearance of problems is not revealed. Many iPhone 7 do not collide with it. The simplest solution to the detection problem is to disconnect the headset and reconnect it.

Apple acknowledged that the problem exists, and that it is programmatic in nature. A Corrigendum will be published soon.



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