Some innovations in Google’s Android O

Google is developing the next version of the Android operating system, which, presumably, will be called Oreo. The source said some of the innovations which will be in e it embodies.

In particular, this function Gboard Copy Less. She will know when to use it trying to send the address of the found object in another application. As soon as it is typed to indicate that the text fragment «it’s at», Gboard will show the appropriate prompt, eliminating the need to switch between programs. It is still unknown whether this will be a virtual keyboard or the Gboard built-in Android O.

Another innovation is the automatic insertion of links with the appropriate context of application. For example, encountered in the e-mail message, a phone number will be linked to the dialer, the address will open the Maps app, and date calendar.

Another interesting, but less likely for inclusion in the final version of Android O is the recognition of the on-screen gesture that opens in any situation the appropriate application. For example, to open the calendar, it will be enough to portray your finger on the screen the letter C.

The developer will talk about the new OS at the event Google I/O, scheduled for may 17-19.

Source: VB



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