Some buyers of smartphones Google Pixel 2 XL received the devices without the operating system…

We only managed to write about the fact that Google faces class action suit over problems with smartphones Pixel of the second generation, as it became known that the list of these problems is enlarged.

However, he added very, very original. Several people who bought Pixel 2 XL, cannot find operating system! Instead of loading the OS when you first turn them welcomed the says «Can’t find valid operating system. The device will not start», indicating that the device is not found operating system cannot run.

It’s unclear if the system, for whatever reason, is corrupt or absent initially, but we had not met. In both cases, Google replaced without problems devoid of soul Android smartphones, but the mere presence of another and such problems, unfortunately, makes us think that Google and its partners are insufficiently responsible attitude to the launch of new devices. And this despite the fact that with the first generation Pixel this amount was not a problem.



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