Some analysts said that by the end of this financial quarter the price of Apple will exceed $ 1 trillion

After the publication of the last financial report, Apple shares rose in price by 3%. Not the most impressive growth, but the company ended the full year, and many analysts spoke on the topic of the future of Cupertino giant.

At the moment, Apple shares are estimated to be about 172 dollars. Source interviewed 15 well-known analysts shared their predictions regarding the value of Apple shares at the end of a new quarter.

In short, seven of them talk about the amount in excess of 193 per share, and upon reaching this milestone the market value of Apple will exceed 1 trillion dollars, which will be a new absolute record.

Analysts mainly rely on X and iPhone Christmas sales season, stating that even Apple’s forecast for the current quarter was very good. However, not all analysts believe that the shares will be so expensive. Many of those who forecasts a price of $ 160 or even lower. Unfortunately, from brief reviews to understand why not.



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