Solid state drives WD Black PCIe will be offered with a volume of 256 and 512 GB

Western Digital has announced the supply of SSD WD Black PCIe. They feature a PCIe Gen3 x4 interface and support NVMe. By the way, this is the first SSD WD PCIe card.

NVMe drives is several times greater than the speed sequential read drives with a SATA interface. More precisely, the sequential read speed of new SSDS reaches 2050 MB/s and sequential write and 800 MB/s.

The manufacturer is going to offer SSD capacity of 256 GB and 512 GB. The average time to failure is declared equal to 1.75 million hours. Another advantage of the new SSD size M. 2 2280 is low power consumption.

Buyers will be available a free downloadable software WD SSD Dashboard that allows you to monitor the performance and free space, and update the firmware of the drives. On drives subject to the five-year warranty. Their delivery will begin in the current semester. Price the manufacturer does not name.

Source: Western Digital

Western Digital


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