Solid-state drives Intel SSD 545s already available, but so far, only one store

American online electronics store Newegg has become the exclusive partner for the sale of Intel SSDs Intel SSD 545s.

Allegedly, 545s Intel SSD is first solid-state drives, which use a 64-layer flash memory TLC NAND surround layout (Intel’s 3D NAND Technology). It is characterized by the highest density among all manufactured today NAND. According to the manufacturer, this allows to reduce the gap in unit cost of storage between SSD and HDD.

So far, the series includes only one model with up to 512 GB. However, the manufacturer promises to soon release the other models. Drive size 2.5 inches with interface SATA sequential read demonstrates the speed up to 550 MB/s, sequential write — 500 MB/s Performance on the operations random access blocks of 4 KB reaches 75 000 IOPS in read mode and 90,000 IOPS in recording mode. The source doesn’t the value of the resource, but it is known that the manufacturer provides a five year warranty. Price new — $180.

Source: Newegg



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