Sold over a million PlayStation VR helmets and 5.25 million copies of the games for it

Helmet virtual reality VR PlayStation was released for PlayStation 4 in October last year at a price of $ 399.

At the end of February Executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew house (Andrew House) said that sales of the PlayStation VR be 915 thousand units.

This week the Japanese company announced that sales of PlayStation VR has exceeded 1 million units. The source adds that the sales of the competitors in the face of the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift are 420 and 243 thousand, respectively. Samsung was able to realize more than 5 million Gear VR helmets, but they are more simple and accessible than the aforementioned trio, as well as require a smartphone to work.

The owners of the PlayStation VR acquired 5.25 million copies of games with support for the appropriate mode of virtual reality. The average game session lasts about 25 minutes.

Sony recognizes that such data should be treated «cautiously», because the user base of the PlayStation 4 approaching 60 million people.



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