Sold 10 million Raspberry Pi microcomputers

The makers of the microcomputer Raspberry Pi has noted a marked achievement 1 since the start of sales in March 2012 shipped 10 million of these products.

The developers note that when you create a Raspberry Pi they were inspired by the example of computers, like the Sinclair Spectrum, wanting to give into the hands of enthusiasts available and practically useful tool. Initially, they expected to sell tens of thousands of these miniature systems. However, the popularity of the product grew rapidly and the first model was followed by others.

To celebrate the shipment of 10 million Raspberry Pi solved the issue of the kit the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit. It includes microcomputer Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, memory card SD 8 GB with NOOBS operating system, a housing for the microcomputer, the power supply unit, HDMI cable, length 1 m, mouse and keyboard, as well as a book Adventures in Raspberry Pi Foundation Edition. Set valued at 99 pounds. Sales should begin in the coming weeks.

Source: Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi


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