Solar power plants have become the fastest growing source of electricity

Experts from the international energy Agency (IEA) prepared a report for the previous year, which implies that solar power plants have become the fastest growing source of electricity, for the first time ahead of a power station burning fuel. In 2016, they accounted for nearly two-thirds of new capacity, which in absolute terms is 165 GWh. Experts note that for solar power plants this is the second consecutive record year in commissioned capacity. Much of the growth due to the boom in construction of solar power plants in China (in this country accounted for about half of new capacity), which contributes to the lower prices and the incentive policy of the state.

As the price of electricity generated by solar power plants, on the relevant auction reached a value of 3 cents per kilowatt-hour. It is comparable with the prices for electricity generated by new power plants operating on gas or coal.


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