SoftBank will invest $ 3 billion into the company, of which you likely never heard

Reuters reports that Japanese mobile operator SoftBank has invested $ 300 million into unknown to most of the younger company WeWork, which deals in a highly original business.

WeWork creates workspaces for startups and small companies. This is done as follows. WeWork at a reduced price rents office space, then divides them into small areas, and leases start-UPS or small companies that do not require large areas. In the end, WeWork to make a difference in the cost of rent, and young companies get a small office where themselves be to rent it, could not.

The advantage in this case is the door to young companies. Indeed, despite the fact that they can go in completely different directions, they are United by stage of development, which are these companies. In addition, WeWork is creating for its tenants, recreation areas, coworking and other amenities as well as takes care of maintenance issues, that is, tenants do not need to worry about paying for the coffee machines, Internet and other stuff.

SoftBank said that the funding round WeWork first place. In General, in this company the Japanese giant intends to invest up to $ 3 billion.



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