Softbank launches a Bicycle rental service that uses the Internet of things

The company was spun off from Softbank and her company Openstreet began deployment in Japan of the new service bike hire — Cycling Hello. A feature of this service is based on technology of Internet of things (IoT).

Free two-wheeled vehicle of the service blocked on a special Parking. Subscribers will be able to book bikes, unlock them and pay for the rental using a PC, smartphone or other suitable mobile device. Also, unlock a bike, you can smartcarte for transport (Suica pass). Using the bike, you can leave it to another Parking service.

Partners Softbank can implement a system Cycling Hello, equipping each bike smart lock with a GPS receiver and a communication module, and a control panel.

The availability of bikes in the Parking lots can be checked on the service website. The service has already started to work in Tokyo.

Source: Nikkei BP


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