Socks and boots: Trends 2018

Boots – it’s narrow boots, the height of which reaches the knees and above. Initially these shoes were used exclusively by soldiers of the cavalry. Boots allowed to be a long time in the saddle without tiring legs.

The first models were with long tops and bell at the top, covering the knees. Modern treads is hardly likely to appeal to men. Today, this shoes is only for the female wardrobe. It is made in a variety of styles, color and material.

Even the length of the boots has changed – the current treads can reach mid-thigh. Girls in them look very attractive and sexy. Figure visual changes, becomes more elegant and even aristocratic.

To image bottomtime looked really elegant, you need a more deliberate approach to the selection of basic clothes. Harmoniously high boots combined with clothes in the style of the oversized, clothes straight and boxy.

The height of the classic jackboot – above knee length 1-2 cm, But this does not mean you have to limit yourself to just this model. You can choose the boots just above the classics or even the model of Maxi length.

Boots 2018: Current models and combinations

Choose these unusual boots you need based on your height and build. Classic boots look better on skinny girls. Models with high heels or low soles fit low fashionistas.

Flat sole

Low boots on a solid sole – the choice of most girls. In addition to the undeniable aesthetic appearance, this model is very practical and comfortable to wear.

Image bottomtime on a continuous sole, you can complement a jacket khaki, fur coat mid-length, leather or suede jackets.

Looks impressive combination of high boots with tights with geometric or abstract prints. While the rest of the image should be monochrome without bright and flashy details.

Tractor sole

Fancy crepe sole is mega-popular in the upcoming season. And it concerns not only the jackboot.

Tractor platform can be present even in the models with the heel.

Boots with a heel

Perhaps this is the most provocative model of long boots. Every girl will be able to create with the help of jackboot high heels sexy and attractive way.

Boots with lacing

Lacing in this model performs a purely decorative role, so you will not have with them any unnecessary trouble.

Famous designer Lorenzo Serafini presented the most current model with laces 2018.

His boots decorated, not only the common lacing along the entire length, but the fringe, a large metal items.

Such «heavy» models of boots need to compensate for light lace dresses or dresses with floral prints.

More casual work look with botfortas with laces and shorts or sports sweet shots.

Some models are made with lacing in the back. They fit perfectly into the images in casual style.

Long boots

Boots that reaches mid-thigh, often flashed on the world stage. Designers offer to combine them with oversized sweaters and dresses.

Some stylists are fashion boots maximum length. Such models until the caution was received, but maybe soon they will replace the usual pants.


Stretch is the best option for slender girls with straight long legs.

In combination with lace chiffon dresses or skirts, skirts ripple, which is a couple of inches above the treads, they create the image of the fragile and delicate nature.

Boots knee

Models of the knee – a versatile Shoe that goes well with pencil skirt, fitted knit dresses or tight trousers.

In 2018 will be current models with wide tops. They can be combined with blue jeans for a more everyday images of urban sophistication.

Boots 2018: Fashion colors

The usual winter clothes and boots in particular colors have become boring and not evoke the same sympathy among the fashionistas.

On trend bright hues that increase the image.

Black, brown, beige, of course, a long time will be popular, as the best option for business images.

In the upcoming season should pay attention to the following hints:

  • pink
  • Royal blue
  • agate
  • the color Marsala
  • red

Remember that choosing saturated colors to boot the base image needs to be composed of clothes moderate quiet tones. Otherwise your outfit will look too vulgar.

Stylish knee-2018

The cyclical nature of fashion preferences returned the knee to its former popularity. The knee is similar to stockings and this image was previously interpreted as too outspoken.

Modern fashion considering the knee as an elegant element of the image, which if properly combined can create attractive and sexy outfits.

Black knee-2018

Solid, without unnecessary pictures socks black or other dark shades – classic and more familiar option for fashionistas.

Combine them with short, narrow or flared skirt, short dresses. The quality of the shoes, choose shoes or long boots to the knees.

Fishnet model

Socks with floral prints or embroidery is more revealing, but do not be afraid to be vulgar. Because such models have long ceased to be a part of the cabaret dancers.

Modern fishnet tights with success combined with light dresses in retro style, chiffon sundresses to boxy cut. The best shoes for lace models are shoes with heels or without shoes or sandals.

Sports socks

Initially, the knee was the main attribute of the sports form. Modern models can also be used to create images in the style of a sports chic or casual.

How often the subject of attention becomes exclusively clothes – dresses, pants, blouses, skirts. But for the harmonious complete image is impossible to lose sight of the shoes, in particular boots, socks, etc.

The correct choice of footwear is able to set the General mood of your outfit and make it much more attractive and sleeker.

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