Social network LinkedIn in Russia will be blocked soon

According to Russian and foreign thematic publications, the Moscow city court upheld the decision to block online LinkedIn on the territory of Russia.

The story began in August when the Tagansky district court has satisfied the claim of Roscomnadzor to the LinkedIn Corporation. The last charge was related to the processing of personal data of users without their consent. In addition, the social network did not provide data about localization of servers in Russia.

Then the court ordered Roskomnadzor to block the resource. LinkedIn appealed, but the Moscow city court found the earlier decision of the district court legal.

It is interesting that in case there are some nuances, which, however, did not affect the result. For example, at the request of the LinkedIn, on the August meeting, the company was notified less than a day. Also on the court’s decision is not influenced by the fact that the data of LinkedIn users who are not citizens of the United States, responsible LinkedIn Ireland, ie with this company was to sue the media outlet. In addition, representatives of the defendant determined that the Roskomnadzor of any kind was not registered at LinkedIn, so in the court stood up for their rights and the rights of some unspecified group of persons to which the plaintiff responded that the claim in the first place protects the interests have not logged in to LinkedIn users. To top it all off, LinkedIn has no representation in Russia, and therefore does not fall under the notorious law «On personal data».

Resource lock will occur in the near future. LinkedIn audience in Russia, according to TNS referenced in the source is about 2.5 million users.


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