Social network Instagram has surpassed 600 million users

Social network Instagram today boasted to overcome another milestone. This time the press release dedicated to the fact that the service is now used by more than 600 million people.

The last 100 million joined Instagram in just six months. To be precise, on 21 June we wrote about overcoming the mark of half a billion users. At the same time the achievement of the milestone of 400 million users, the network announced in late September 2015. That is, the rate of growth of the user base increases.

Of course, counting is very conditional, as in any social network there are bots, there are «empty» accounts, and some create many such, but to assess the dynamics is possible.

Instagram does not assess the reasons for the increase in the rate of growth in the number of users, but we can assume that one of those is to improve the quality of cameras in smartphones as it is now, even on a relatively inexpensive device you can do quite good by the standards of Instagram pictures.



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