SoC the Apple A10X is the first 10-nanometer chip TSMC

A single-chip system Apple A10X is the most productive in the assortment of the company. And if we forget about different operating systems, this SoC shows record results in all tests.

We know that she has six processing cores and a Power VR GPU with 12 cores. Resource TechInsights decided to learn more about the Apple A10X. For this chip was «prepared».

Apple A10X is manufactured at TSMC using 10-nanometer process technology. Apparently, this is the first decision TSMC issued under such rules. The latest process technology, among other things, allowed us to significantly reduce the die area. If A9X she was totaled 143.9 mm2, A10X — 96.4 per mm2. By the way, this is the most compact single-chip system Apple’s history.

The fact of using 10-nanometer process technology for the A10X is very significant. The fact that Apple, in the framework of single-chip systems AX is not passed to new process technology. Usually it was limited to increasing frequencies or increasing the number of cores. We can assume that the A10X will move in the new iPhone, which will show in the fall, or at least some of them.



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