SoC the Apple A10 is gaining a record number of points in Geekbench

New smartphones Apple will debut the day after tomorrow. If you focus on leakage, we know almost everything about them.

Meanwhile, something new is still there. For example, the latest results of the Geekbench tests. Recall that we have already published those for Apple’s A10 SoC in isolation from the specific smartphone.

Now the same test passed model iPhone 7 Plus. At least so say some sources, for marking on the Geekbench website otherwise.

So, the smartphone scored 3379 points in a single-threaded test and 5495 points in multi-threaded. We will remind, at A10 only two processor cores, so the second result is not impressive. But first — a record for the mobile system on a chip. And this time it is even higher than that of tricyclic A9X running high enough for Apple solutions frequency of 2.25 GHz.

The frequency of the new SoC is unknown, and determines it is incorrect. You can also see that the smartphone will receive 2 GB of RAM. In any case, we note that to compare Apple’s results with table A10 processor and even with devices with Android OS is not quite correct because of the different operating systems.



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