Snapdragon SoC 835 is gaining in AnTuTu record 181 000 points

Yesterday we learned that the performance of the GPU Adreno 540, part of the Snapdragon SoC 835, significantly higher than its predecessor. Now in the Network appeared the test results of a device with the new Qualcomm platform in the test AnTuTu.

The device scored 181 434 points, which at the moment is an absolute record. It is even more than able to get the iPhone 7 Plus, although the comparison is not quite correct since different operating systems.

As for the Snapdragon 820/821, on change which will come Snapdragon 835, they have the result is usually around 130 000-140, 000 points. Of course, the rate depends on a lot of optimizations specific to the device, but a rough balance of power is already clear. Besides serial smartphones with the new SOC system may show even better results.



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