Snapdragon SoC 660 was released instead of delayed versions of the Snapdragon 835

10-nanometer single-chip system or as the manufacturer says, the mobile platform Snapdragon 835 is today the most popular solution among manufacturers of premium smartphones.

Well-known Chinese analyst pan Sutan (Pan Jiutang) told in his blog that Qualcomm planned to release a slow version of Snapdragon 835 model number MSM8997. But in the end it was decided to release Snapdragon 660, which is manufactured using 14-nanometer process technology.

Perhaps that is why mobile platform 660 of the first Snapdragon 600-series received the processor core Kryo, which previously only applied to single-chip system 800 series. Recall that in Snapdragon 660 applied kernel Kryo 260 and Snapdragon 835 received Kryo 280. Moreover, 660 Snapdragon equipped flagship image processor Qualcomm Spectra 160 ISP.

All this makes the 660 is closer to Snapdragon 800 series mobile platforms Snapdragon processor than the Snapdragon 653 or 652.



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