SMIC began mass production of SoC using 28-nanometer process technology HKMG

Company Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) has started mass production of single-chip systems using 28-nanometer process HKMG, as reported by the Executive Director of Huijun Zhao (Zhao Haijun).

The following year, SMIC plans to start production according to the norms of 14 and 16 nm. However, the head of the company is confident that 28-nanometer process technology will remain relevant until 2025. The following mahovymi stages of semiconductor production will be 10 — or 7-nanometer process technology, he believes, and 14 — and 16-nanometer will be used for a relatively short time.

SMIC is planning to enter the three world’s largest manufacturers of semiconductor products, but the company will have to increase sales to at least $ 6 billion, said Haijun Zhao.

Haijun Zhao noted that 18-inch silicon substrate is unlikely to replace the widely deployed 12-inch substrates in the next five years.



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