Smartphones with the new JDI displays, which can consist of two or three LCD panels, will appear on the market in the summer of 2017

Fresh news out of Japan indicate that Japan Displays Inc. (JDI) has introduced an LCD display of two panels that should be used in future smartphones and other devices.

Local newspaper the Nikkei says that the display has a very thin frame, the width of which does not exceed 1 mm. the developers claim that the device manufacturers will be able to use not only two but also three panels, while the width of the frame between them does not exceed 2 mm. Also allows separation of the panels.

Such a composite display is perfect for multitasking, one can run the video, and the second to view content in a browser.

JDI claims that the first smartphones with such displays will be on sale next summer. JDI actively cooperates with Chinese manufacturers of smartphones in this direction.



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