Smartphones with foldable displays is developing not only Lenovo

As you know, Lenovo showed a prototype of a flexible smartphone CPlus and flexible tablet Folio. According to the source, Lenovo is not the only manufacturer, started testing this technology. Relevant information was confirmed by the supplier of a key component of folding displays.

This component is a colorless film of polyimide, replacing the folding display glass substrate. The only manufacturer able to produce it commercially, is currently the company Kolon Industries, a division of Kolon Group. The representative of Kolon said that «three to five companies will be in 2018 to mass-produce smartphones with foldable displays.» It is known that film buying Samsung, LG and BOE.

So, the emergence of smart phones with folding displays in the market is expected in 2018. It is expected that the new form factor will be warmly received by consumers, so that from 2020 or even earlier, the share of smartphones with foldable displays in the total supply volume will reach 20%.

Source: Patently Apple


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