Smartphones Samsung Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 2018 model year will get a screen Infinity Display, which will make them similar to the Galaxy S8

It seems that the family of smartphones Galaxy A is the most dynamically changing the range Samsung. The first generation was quite unusual for the Korean giant, the second has changed dramatically, having housings of glass and metal, appeared in the third water protection, support for Always on Display and other interesting features.

And here now it became known that the fourth will see screen Infinity Display, that is, with an aspect ratio of 18:9 or so. At this point image models Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 2018 model year.

Moreover, the screen at Galaxy A7 will be even and bent on two sides so that outwardly, this device will practically copy senior Galaxy S8. You can also see that there are «extra» key, which is likely responsible for the launch of the voice assistant Bixby.

Interest and the location of the fingerprint scanner. It was placed just below the camera and it is unclear why it could not be done on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note8.

Given that relevant now the devices in this family was introduced in early January, the announcement of a new generation we can expect about the same period.



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