Smartphones Phone Microsoft Surface and Apple iPhone will be releasing the same manufacturer, and it is not Foxconn

According to the source, referring to the publication Commercial Times, the Taiwanese manufacturer of electronic products Pegatron working conditions ODM, ready to begin test production of devices Microsoft Surface Phone.

According to the preliminary information that appeared two months ago, the Microsoft Surface mobile Phone built on SoC Snapdragon 830, equipped with a camera resolution of 20 MP and a 2K display. The announcement of the smartphone is expected next year. The closest of the most relevant events are the January exhibition CES and MWC 2017 February 2017.

The presence of Microsoft plans to release «the most advanced mobile devices» recently confirmed in an interview with the Australian Financial Review, the CEO of the company.

It remains to add that Pegatron also manufactures the Apple iPhone. Now they account for 60% of income Pegatron.

Source: Digitimes



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