Smartphones Doogee Shoot Shoot X and X2: seven cameras on two

In addition to the model MIX that tries to be very similar to the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix, Doogee brought to Hong Kong at the Consumer Electronics Trade Show a couple of new products — Shoot Shoot X and X2. Already the basis of the designations it is clear that these models are designed for people for whom the camera is more important than anything.

Analysis of the novelties, let us start with an older model, Shoot the X2, because it was the first smartphone Doogee with four cameras. Moreover, and this is interesting, a set of sensors is not much different from the model Oukitel U22: just the permission «helper» cells increased to 2 MP, and so are the same matrix resolution 5 and 8 MP placed on the front and back panels respectively.

As we already know, Oukitel U22 built on SoC MediaTek MT6580A, and the same platform used in Doogee Shoot X2. However, according to the source, will be another version on the platform MediaTek MT6737. But the amount of RAM and flash memory for these two versions are the same – 2 and 16 GB respectively.

In the configuration of Doogee Shoot X2 is also a display diagonal of 5.5 inch 1280 x 720 pixels, fingerprint sensor, battery with a capacity of 3360 mA·h and Android OS 7.0.

Two versions based on the same platforms MediaTek and MediaTek MT6580 MT6737 will Shoot the model X. the Volumes of operational and flash memory correspond to the model Shoot X2, but only three chambers: the front resolution of 2 MP and two back resolution 2 and 5 MP. Doogee Shoot X – model is more compact: screen diagonal — 5 inches.

Among other things, equipping the device – the fingerprint sensor, battery with a capacity of 2580 mA·h and Android OS 7.0.

Source: Notebook Italy



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