Smartphones cost over $ 400 account for almost 80% of the profits of the market

The analysts Counterpoint Research points to the fact that smartphones cost over $ 400 in the second quarter accounted for nearly 80% of the profits in this market.

For Samsung, the figure is 66%, and Apple — 96% due to the lack of range is the latest budget models.
It is also noted that directly the rate of profit in the smartphone market declined at an annual rate of 10%. It just can be explained by the fact that people are more likely to purchase a more affordable model.

In the second quarter, Apple took 9% of the smartphone market in quantitative terms, earning while 65,1% of the whole market profits. The share of Samsung accounted for 22.3% of net profit, Huawei — 4.1% at the Oppo — 4%, in Vivo — 3%. However, of these five, only Samsung has shown a decline in the share of the profits.

Also interesting are the average sales prices (ASP) of smartphones Apple and Samsung regarding average prices on the market as a whole.

As can be seen, these figures differ significantly depending on the region. In particular, in North America the average selling price of smartphone from Apple «only» 91% higher compared to the whole market, here in the region, including the middle East and Africa average price of Apple’s smartphone more than seven times exceeds the index of the ASP of the market.


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