Smartphone ZTE Max Axon 2 will have a new SoC, more RAM, but keep the screen resolution

At the end of last year, the company ZTE presented a huge smartphone Axon Max equipped with a screen diagonal of six inches.

When will be the announcement of a successor is still unknown, but now the parameters of the Axon 2 Max became famous thanks to the database of GFXBench.

As you can see, the novelty will not be much different from its predecessor, although many characteristics are improved. For example, instead of the Snapdragon SoC 617 will use the Snapdragon 625, which should bring performance gains in games. The amount of RAM and flash memory will increase to 4 and 64 GB respectively. But with cameras the situation is more interesting. The front will remain unchanged and will be characterized by a resolution of 13 MP. But the main will have the same resolution, although last year’s model was equipped with 16-megapixel camera.

The screen resolution will not change and will remain equal to 1920 x 1080 pixels. Most likely, the diagonal also increase or decrease will not.



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