Smartphone Xiaomi Mi6 should sound better than the predecessors

Xiaomi Mi6 can not only be first to market with a smartphone that will be equipped with a single-chip system Snapdragon 835. Recent data indicate that it will sound better than its predecessors and many competitors.

Xiaomi company entered into an agreement with Via Licensing Corporation, a subsidiary of Dolby laboratories. The contract States that Xiaomi has obtained the right to use in its products the audio format Advanced Audio Coding (AAC).

For end users, this should result in improved sound quality and saves mobile traffic, so as to improve the quality of the music (256 Kbps) AAC format significantly reduces file size compared to MP3. At small bitrates (up to 128 Kbit/s) the size of the files in the formats MP3 and AAC is comparable. Moreover, AAC is more efficient relates to system resources, and this should improve the autonomy of mobile devices.

New developments we need to see in the Xiaomi Mi6, which will be presented in the near future.



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