Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix, as expected, not able to withstand the fall

Immediately after the announcement frameless smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix of interested potential buyers began to think how he will survive a possible fall and what protective covers for him can be used.

The smartphone hasn’t gone on sale, but someone in the office Xiaomi has published a photo showing what can happen with a smartphone if it will slip out of your hands.

As expected, when this display device is not capable of withstanding a fall without consequences. The photograph clearly shows that the fall affected not only the display, but the ceramic frame, which just burst — said her little thickness.

Obviously, frameless smartphones is a new trend in the industry. In the next year, their achievements will be presented by the market leader Samsung. It remains to wait for frameless smartphones will cease to be so fragile, taking a cue, for example, Moto X Force.



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