Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will receive a new solution for playback to the caller

Recall that the screen of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix is more than 91% of the area of the front panel, causing the device has lost frame above the display where usually a camera, a proximity sensor and the earpiece.

The camera moved under the display, with regard to the transfer of voice, for these purposes were used piezoceramic acoustic transducer. In practice, you can attach the phone to your ear virtually any part and you will hear the caller. Some observers said that neither the quality nor the volume of sound this speaker is not inferior to traditional solutions. But someone was not very happy.

Now the rumor is that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will use a new solution. Source Chinese analyst sun Kansui (Sun Changxu), which reported that Xiaomi have joined forces to company AAC Technologies, working on a technology called AAC actuator. The analyst claims that AAC will allow the actuator to achieve a much higher sound quality, especially when it comes to low frequencies.

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 must occupy more than 93% of the area of the front panel, the device should be released this year.



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