Smartphone Xiaomi Mi A1, apparently, do will copy the parameters of model Mi 5X

We recently learned that the company Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone announcement of A1 or A1 Mi, which supposedly will be the first device released as part of the Android One.

Then there were rumors that this model will present on 5 September, it will get the flagship camera and discover a new range in stock Xiaomi. Likely, it will. ON Geekbench indicates that Mi A1 based on SoC Snapdragon 625 and comes with 4 GB of RAM.

Then there are rumors about the relationship of Mi and Mi A1 5X, apparently, was correct. And Mi just 5X is equipped with a camera, as the Mi 6. That is, most likely, September 5, Xiaomi announces Mi that is A1, which will receive the camera, like the current flagship, and will open a new line. But whether it be the apparatus the Android One, yet to be determined.



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