Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 7.1.1 5C with Android spotted in Geekbench database

In November last year, the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5C, which goes under the code name Xiaomi Meri, was spotted in the database of the test package Geekbench.

At that time, the device that was running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, scored in single core mode 758 points, and in multi-core – 3105 points.

Now the same device with the same single-chip system, which should be the Pinecone V670, it was again tested in Geekbench. The result was a slightly higher — 762 3399 points, respectively.

In both cases the RAM was 3 GB. The difference is that this time the device works under the Android operating system 7.1.1.

SoC Pinecone should be submitted by 28 February, there is a possibility that Xiaomi Mi 5C also announced on this day.



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