Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition is unlikely to go on sale

At the time of announcement of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6, it was announced that users will offer white, black and blue variants of the smartphone, and a special edition Silver Edition.

White Xiaomi Mi 6 recently went on sale at an inflated price of $ 400. As for the Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition, this version hardly ever goes on sale.

Marketing Director of Xiaomi, confirmed that in the foreseeable future, the company has no plans to release the Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition. It is noteworthy that a few days ago on sale in China appeared this version of the smartphone, priced at 585$. Representatives of the company stated that it is an engineering device that is not subject to sale, adding that Xiaomi will have to pursue the seller by law.

Also, Xiaomi said that the process of production of silver is very complex, the company is still trying to improve it. However, some observers believe that the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition was just a marketing ploy, done to attract the attention of the public to the device.



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