Smartphone X iPhone may be delayed until March 2018 and thereby help iPhone 8

One after the other analysts have suggested that Apple will not be able to keep commitments and to release a smartphone iPhone X, as promised, on November 3 this year.

As previously reported, the main problems arose in the manufacture of modules of the front camera TrueDepth, which is used for the operation of the system of facial recognition user Face ID. Sources also claim that certain problems observed in the supply of OLED displays, which have a cutout of irregular shape in the upper part, where is the camera TrueDepth.

Analyst gene Munster (Gene Munster) believes that the iPhone X will be on sale until January of next year. A leading analyst of Jackdaw Research, Jan Dawson (Jan Dawson) also notes that home sales should move into the first quarter of next year, that is, the smartphone could be delayed until March 2018.

It should be noted that the problems in the production of iPhone X and delay the release date of the smartphone can have the most positive impact on sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. And maybe this is the plan Apple?



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